Relationship Counselling, Sex Therapy & Sex Addiction Therapy for Singles, Couples & Groups

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling (Individuals or Couples)

50 minute sessions, 3 hour crisis intensives or weekend “All about you” sessions and packages are available.

Lost each other – Life stages maybe. I’m not the person I use to be. You’re not the person I fell in love with”.

Lost that loving feeling – I just don’t love you like I use to. I think that I love you, but I am not in love with you!


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Constant arguing – “You say black, I say white. I say black you say white. What is going on. We use to agree on most things”.

Difficulties with Relationships – “Some make it seem so easy. Is there something wrong with me. My past may be living in my present and dictating my future”

An Affair – “They understood me and my needs so much more than my partner. I felt an attraction… My mobile and PC play such a big role in my day to day that I feel second best”

Compatibility issues – “Have we changed too much and grown apart that we are trying to hold something together that has gone forever?”

Pre-Marriage Preparation – “Preparations are progressing, but I never gave this much thought. What is it? How will it help us? Well… yes… I can see the need to involve a third person to ensure issues we thought we had covered have been looked at realistically by us. After all this Marriage is for a lifetime.. We hope”

Abuses – “Physical, Verbal, Spiritual, emotional is that what you me about domestic violence? Does it really affect a significant number of relationships, but is unnamed and under reported by men who also suffer at the hands of women partners”

Singleness & their issues – “Not being seeing anyone for a long time. I feel fine about it. Is it my expectation or a societal pull for me to be in a relationship? Is it my choice or am I here by default? Is there more I could know? What if I need help to change my status or be more content with who I am ?”

Sexuality, Sex & Sexual difficulties – “Sure – everyone knows is enough to get by… don’t they. How can they not. It’s everywhere. But what to do when it ain’t working any more?”

Change motivation – “Find myself doing that which I don’t want to do or not doing that which I want to do! Why? How do I change from my ways, practices and habits and addictions and maintain change?”

In 2014 a group of artists in England asked thousands of people one question: “What is your happiest memory?” The responses were nearly always about relationships of one kind or another. There was a longing for relationship and home. Less than 1% mentioned material things.

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