Relationship Counselling, Sex Therapy & Sex Addiction Therapy for Singles, Couples & Groups


Sex addiction or Love addiction or nothing in a name, but truly a gender split as to which gender suffers from which of those Addiction?

Listen to my Ujima radio interviews on Sex & Love addiction.

“So much of the past can live in the present. Listen to Gary during a radio interview talking about the adverse impact on our lives that unresolved past experiences might be having on us. That which we are aware of, we have an opportunity to affect and endeavour to change the impact. That which we are not aware of as having an influence upon us, we can do little about.”

“During this portion of a radio interview, Gary talks about a journey that some of us might be ready to take. The aim being to move stuff that goes on in the unconscious and affects us, into the conscious so that we can consider what (if any) change we might want to effect.